After delivering some free mugs to my first gathering in Why, AZ (by Ajo), I realized the whole adventure was a wonderful opportunity to make pottery for Teardrops, Tiny, and Vintage trailers, while also having some fantastically good times with new friends.  I now attend Teardrop gatherings.

Traveling in comfort with my "Silver Shadow" Little Guy Teardrop, I am frequently on the road.  My husband continues to be supportive of my solo trips, especially when I am with groups of helpful, delightful people.  I'm inspired to have some creative fun, developing a variety of pottery items that are useful and sturdy for trailer travelers.  Please check out "The Teardrop Pottery Store" to see what is new out of the kiln.

"My Teardrop Story"

Cattletrack Pottery


Ceramic artist ~ mary van dusen

It was quite by accident that I discovered the world of Teardrops.  I was looking for a small cargo trailer to transport my pottery to shows and deliveries and ran across "Little Guy" Teardrops in San Diego.  

Wow, what a great fit this would be!  I could use it as a mini-cargo trailer and camper (as I can no longer backpack and have grown tired of pitching a tent and sleeping on an uncomfortable cot.)  

Mary Van Dusen 


I am a retired  teacher and tennis professional, but have always been interested in ceramics. Thirty years ago, I began studying the art of ceramics, taking classes, workshops, and traveling throughout the U.S., Europe, China, and Northern Africa to develop more of an understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage of clay art.

I moved into my studio at Cattle Track Pottery about sixteen years ago.  For the first seven, years my pottery time was limited to weekends and evenings.  I now immerse myself full-time in clay art.  Most of my work is on the wheel and functional in use, but I do some hand-building and altering for a fun variety.  The pieces are high-fired stoneware and are dishwasher and microwave safe.